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Welcome to a new approach!

Direct Primary Care is an exceptional way to be able to deliver counseling for prevention of health care problems and allow for a deeper dive into lifestyle and other root causes to problems (often not covered well and limited by time constraints in the typical insurance model).

Board Certified Family Medicine


with interest in

Preventive Medicine

which is the practice of promoting preventive health care to improve patient wellbeing


Lifestyle Medicine

approach that focuses on evidence-based interventions to prevent, treat/manage, or even reverse chronic diseases by applying the following six pillars of care:

  • Diet/Nutrition

  • Physical Activity

  • Stress Management

  • Quality Sleep

  • Social Connection

  • Avoidance of Risky Substances


My Story

In addition to being a physician, I am a mother of four.  I never live life the easy way, appreciate challenges, and recognize the value of my support system.  Quality care of patients has always been a top priority for me.  I believe that deeper patient/physician relationships help facilitate optimal care by providing opportunity for mutual understanding and team approach. 

Throughout my career, I have always been hospital employed, but have more recently seen the entire insurance model as a broken system.  I believe that insurance companies dictate so much about medical practices and actually contribute to increased cost, less time with patients, and physician burn out.  I refused to succumb to natural pressures to change my style of care in that model and utilized principals of lifestyle medicine to survive my own life while, but it never felt truly sustainable.   

I practice medicine in the traditional ways and use medicine when necessary but it is always my goal to minimize them when possible.  Having knowledge of lifestyle management and having time to discuss them are valuable.  When I discovered lifestyle medicine, an evidenced based branch of medicine that focuses on diet, exercise, stress management, sleep, avoiding substance use, and relationships to prevent, manage, or even reverse chronic issues, I knew I found my kind of people! 

My goals are to provide affordable, transparent medical care in a delivery system that will above all give the gift of time to figure out underlying problems, counsel in health, and ultimately allow you to better care for yourself.  My discovery of the direct patient care model came about in my search to figure out the best way to deliver care... my way.  

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