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Frequently Asked Questions

We are happy to answer any questions you may have about the Direct Primary Care model. Please reach out if you find your question has not been answered below.


How is PuraVita Primary Care Different than Traditional Medical Clinics?

PuraVita Primary Care uses an innovative model of care known as Direct Primary Care (DPC).  In this model, physicians are paid directly by their patients instead of through government payers or insurance companies.  This removes restrictions that lead to increased nonsense paperwork and administrative burden for physicians stuck in the traditional model of care.  Overall cost is dramatically better and patient/physician relationships are enhanced by freeing more time to do what we do best: care for patients!  This model of care is rapidly growing and is associated with the best quality outcomes.

Unfortunately, Dr. Bainbridge cannot see Medicare or Medicare-eligible patients at this time under this model but will be coming soon.

What Can I Expect as a Patient?

You can expect very short wait times, longer appointments, and essentially 24/7 access to your physician who can be reached via phone, text, or email even outside regular office hours day or night.


Do I Still Need Insurance?

PuraVita Primary Care will not bill insurance, however all patients are encouraged to have at least major medical insurance coverage for specialists when needed and major medical/catastrophic coverage.  Insurance can be used for medications, labs, and radiology, however, many patients will find increased benefit in utilizing the at-cost services for a fraction of the cost of what would otherwise go toward a deductible (that is often unlikely to be met anyway).

One way to save money on health care is to consider an insurance with low premiums and high deductibles.  Dr. Bainbridge is able to manage most chronic diseases and acute issues and tries hard to avoid utilizing specialists unless truly necessary.

Can My Fees be Reimbursed by My Insurance Company?

In some cases, you can submit a receipt for your membership fees, labs, and medication expenses.  You will need to check with your individual insurance company to see if they allow that.  Some companies will apply these payments toward a deductible.


How Can You Guarantee Short Appointment Waits and Longer Time with the Physician?

Dr. Bainbridge only plans to accept approximately 500 patients total.  Considering that managed care has driven physicians to manage patient panels of 2000-4000 or more, it is not surprising that long wait times and short visits with physicians occur.  In the DPC model, panel sizes are kept low so there is plenty of time to see patients and to insure timely visits, often same day or next day.

How Can I Contact Dr. Bainbridge After Hours?

Illnesses and injuries do not always happen during regular business hours.  As much as possible, it is asked that patients contact the office during those hours, however, for less urgent matters still needing attention, text and email will be available.  If it is an urgent problem, patients are encouraged to call at any time.  

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