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Welcome to the PuraVita DPC Family!

Below you will find important information exclusive to your membership.

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Important Contact Information:

Office Phone/Text: (304) 244-1347

Members only:

*Alternate After Hours Phone/Bainbridge cell:

(681) 214-3561 (please text with office number or through Spruce)

*Email for medical issues/refills:


*Please note that this contact information is not public and is a privilege only intended for patient members of PuraVita Direct Primary Care.  Do not share this information outside the membership group.  



Your enrollment was completed in Hint which is our billing and membership management platform.  The link below will allow you access to manage your invoices, payment methods, plan members, and agreements.

Call/Text Messaging

Spruce Image.png

Spruce is our HIPAA compliant phone/texting platform.  If you are interested, please access via link below. 


 You can always SMS text straight from your phone to reach the office, but it may not be as secure of a method.

Electronic Health Record

Access the EHR to update forms, medical history, view/schedule appointments, etc.

Other important FYI:


Will be closed on and around major holidays.


Occasionally Dr. Bainbridge will take vacation or have unexpected things affect the schedule.  We will give plenty of notice when possible so you can plan accordingly if time away will include longer than two business days.  You may need to use Urgent Care services at another facility during those rare occasions but you can always try to reach her if it is something she can manage via phone/telehealth upon availability.


Dr. Bainbridge will be available to you for emergencies any time, but please be respectful of my time if your problem can wait until business hours.  

Routine appointments for chronic issues or wellness/prevention will need to be scheduled in advance to allow for same day availability for more urgent problems. 

Medication Refills:


Please allow a minimum of 24 business hours for medication refill requests.  In many cases we will be able to have them completed prior to that time but please plan ahead and make sure you have at least 3-7 days worth of medication so you don’t run out.  If emailing this request, please include “med refill” in the subject line.  Once the refill is sent, you should receive a text and/or email confirmation.  Please contact the office if you do not.  If medications are being ordered/dispensed by PuraVita DPC and they are not in stock, please note that it may take an additional 24 hours.  We will be in contact with you regarding that and get them to you asap.   

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