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Ashley Bainbridge, DO

Health... Redefined.

Bringing the physician/patient relationship back.

Direct Primary Care:

Low monthly fee.  Improved access.  Save $$$. 

Family Medicine Physician


Ready for something different?

  • Ever feel like just a number in a large system?

  • Are you rushed through visits with no resolution of problems?

  • Do you have difficulty getting an appointment or call with your physician and want improved access?

  • Do you value continuity of care with a physician who knows you?

  • Interested in a personalized health plan that focuses on wellness and prevention?

Primary care focused on YOU...

Smaller Patient Panels


Numbers are kept small in order to maintain a more relaxed visit approach with focus on a quality interaction instead of the clock.  

Membership Based

Care is covered by a monthly membership fee paid directly to your physician which eliminates co-pays, extra paperwork, and surprise expenses.

Exclusive Savings

Without the middle man, we are liberated to offer medications at wholesale cost as well as highly discounted rates on labs and other services.

Lab Pricing Examples:

Our Price

CBC with diff


Lipid panel


free T3

free T4

Thyroid peroxidase antibody (TPO)

Reverse T3


Vitamin D 25-hydroxy

Vitamin B12

Blood type ABO and Rh

Total/Free Testosterone

Hepatitis C antibody

$31            $5

$46           $5

$98           $5

$94           $5

$157.50     $10

$82.50      $5


$66            $10

$247.80     $15

$66             $10

$232           $10

$106           $5

$60.25       $10

$354           $25

$107           $10



Meet Dr. Bainbridge

My name is Ashley Bainbridge. I am board certified in family medicine with an interest in preventive and lifestyle medicine.  Trained as an osteopathic physician, I always look at the whole person to best understand individual medical care. I'm excited to offer a new model of care to the area in a way that everyone wins!

PuraVita Logo Wide.png

Direct Primary Care (DPC) is an innovative alternative payment model that allows extraordinary, unrestricted access to your physician of choice with a simple, flat, affordable membership fee that bypasses insurance companies with no fee-for-service or third-party billing.

Unlimited visits with physician

Direct access to physician via phone, text, and email

Access to inexpensive labs

Access to many inexpensive medications

Basic procedures at no additional cost

Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment (OMT), intially free to members and then available at reasonable cost

Basic vision and hearing screening


What Patients Say

"Doctor Bainbridge is a very caring physician who takes the time to inquire how you’re doing and understand your physical condition. She always follows up on medication efficacy and uses her knowledge to consider alternatives. Best of all, if you are not necessarily following a treatment regimen, she gently does her best to persuade you to behave yourself. I can’t imagine a better physician, nor one with a better personality."

David D.

Super Health Food

"It's not selfish to love yourself, take care of yourself, and to make happiness a priority. It's necessary."

Mandy Hale

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